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One Body One Spirit is an organization devoted to creating more opportunities for unity among our Christian community. Our main goals are to build relationships among each other, open opportunities to network, create an atmosphere for more collaboration among us believers, and evangelize together on a greater scale.


We were founded in August 2019 where we had our first community revival. We collaborated with local churches to meet each day from Monday through Saturday for a 3-day fast, two worship services, and a praise in the park. We officially became an organization in 2020 right before our 2nd revival week.

The purpose of our revival week is to have a public display of unity among the body of Christ. So often, the church can be viewed as divided. We have recognized that it's each of our goals to make Christ known to the world and to submit under him. Through our fellowship in having different churches involved throughout this week, we are hoping to break down some of these walls of division as we pray and worship together as one body under Jesus Christ!

It's our mission to continue this vision of unity by promoting a more collaborative approach in our Christian walks. We desire to build relationships with each other, network, and take advantage of opportunities to make our community a Jesus filled community.

The Board
Josh Murphy


MelindaJoy Mingo


Sieasa Coppedge


Renee Green


Vernell Murphy


Raymond Pettitt


who we are
Support Group
  • To build community with our neighboring churches

  • To be able to collectively grow together in Kingdom -living and evangelism.

  • To surround ourselves with other Godly people and build Christ-centered relationships

We have no interest in promoting a single "universal church" that enforces a singular denominational belief over others. We are simply recognizing a need for unity and souls to be saved under Jesus Christ, and are choosing to deny ourselves so this mission can be uplifted.

Our Partners
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